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 When I boot the boot kernel disk and press return at the prompt, it
goes through a number of checks and diagnostics and then halts with this error:

task[0](swapper) killed: unable to recover
kernel panic: Trying to free up swapper memory space
In swapper task - not syncing

 I have tried all the slackware configuration boots and many non-slackware
distributions, all crash. Some of the other distributions displayed errors such

Quote:>Checking 'hlt' instruction: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
>dereference at virtual address c000001e
>Corrupted Stack page

Now, I am using a DX4-486 (100 MHz) with 8M Ram, and 850M IDE HD. No other
devices attached.
 Because of the >1/2 gig HD, I thought my HD might be EIDE. I tried booting
with ramdisk and parameters: ramdisk hd=1654,16,63  (my setup program always
maintained there are 16 heads, so I just used the values it gave me). This
just gave me the same error.

Two weeks ago, I installed the same slackware version (2.3.0) on a different
machine, the same as my own except that it had a 540M IDE HD, and only 4M RAM.
Obviously the error is caused by either the extra HD space, or the extra RAM,
provided there is not some sort of fault in my hardware.

I would like to find out the reason for this problem, and what (if anything) I
can do to solve it. If anyone has any solutions, I would be indebted as my
frustration is growing as everything I try gives me the same result.

Please mail me, or just post to this group. Thanks!


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 A couple of days ago, I installed the Slackware D-series that I had
downloaded and stored on a *DOS* partition on my Fujitsu 128MB m.o. scsi
drive (hooray!).

 At one point I was told that I was required to install the Linux kernel
if I wanted to use the C compiler, so I did.

 When there was no more software to install, I was asked (and I think
advised) to make a new boot disk, which I did.

 However, when I tried to 'reboot' using my new boot disk, I got a
"kernel panic" and a dead machine, so I punched the RESET button, but the
same thing happened: kernel panic.

 So, I tried booting with my old boot disk, which worked!

 Question: How come my old boot disk works but my supposedly new boot
disk doesn't?

 Followup: Is this something I should be concerned about or can I just
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  Bill Hogan

  Bill Hogan

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