talk,ntalk and ytalk

talk,ntalk and ytalk

Post by Hubertus Hanie » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Anybody know how to konfigure tem so they work over the Internet to other
hosts? I can only use it to talk to people who are logged on my system at the
It does not let me connect to other people over the net at all where I can
usually connect to using WinTalk under Windows95


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What d'ya think?


My PC ----->SLIP---> HOST -----------------> JohnDoe's PC

On since Thu May 18 14:59 (CST) on ttyp0, idle 0:01, from
New mail received Thu May 18 16:10 1995 (CST)
No Plan

JohnDoe is on the HOST onsite network.

I just want to "ntalk" to JohnDoe.

I think I need to:

This should contact him but I don't know what he is receiving at his
PC.  I would be interested in trying this with someone to see if it is
possible or if I am just nuts.

Any answers?
Any takers?

Let me know.
Rick Mantooth

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