upgrade to newer kernal? (dx2/66 w16)

upgrade to newer kernal? (dx2/66 w16)

Post by It's spelled F-R-A-N-K, but it's pronounced MOZIL » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

On a DX2/66 w 16meg and 2 IDE (one 540, other 1620),  UMSDOS and EXT2 needed,
what would be the best kernal for me to use.  1.2.1 is working fine for me
with absolutely no problems (at least since I set it up a few months ago),
but could I increase performance by uping my kernal?  Again, UMSDOS support is
necesary.  thanks

please mail all replies
f magrone
univ mo/kc acs


1. I just made my DX2/66 a DX2/75!?!?!

After reading about somenoe saying they are running their Intel DX2/66 at
80 mhz, I decided to give it a try with my AMD 66... I changed around the
jumpers on the motherboard and my system said 75Mhz CPU on the bootup
screen!!! I was elated!  I HAD to see if this was really more performance
or just a bullcrap inflated Mhz rating...

I compiled my linux kernel at 66 mhz... Took 124 seconds... After my "modification" it compiled in only 97 secnds!!!! wowow!!!  

Is this like puniching holes in DD disks to make them HD only to have them
lose all their data in a few weeks?  What is the downside to ru nning my
CPU a little too fast??  Or am i just getting FREE extra performance???

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