Is there anything better than cron?

Is there anything better than cron?

Post by Wil » Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:37:34

Hi all,
  I've been using the crond to run a bunch of scripts (shell and perl)
at different intervals: eg. every minute, every six minutes, once
every hour; and every now and then the cron process will just die and
disappear. All my entries are correct in /etc/crontab and when the
crond is up and running all the entries are executed correctly but
unpredictably the crond process dies every now and then.

  Anyone know why this would happen and also if there is anything
better than crond that does die so easily?

PS: I'm using Cobalt Qube3 with 2.2.16 (C27_III) kernel.

Thanks in advance.