Cable Network Problem

Cable Network Problem

Post by manchil » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> Which cable service are you using ??

> Try these steps :
> a. configure the interface to use static ip rather than dhcp ( as the cable
> servicees suggest )

What ever you do, DO NOT USE STATIC IP.  Shaw has had to switch to DHCP


If Shaw finds out, they'll turn off the static ip modem, and you'll have
to call into their tech line and request it be turned back on provided you
go to dhcp.

If your using RH 5.1, it comes with DHCP client that will obtain the
needed ip address information.  If your flavour of linux doesn't include
dhcp, go to the following url:


TSR Tier 2


1. crossover cable networking problem

Dear all,
Sorry for cross posting. I have had a networking problem for some time:
Laptop A, winME/Redhat7.1 with an intel pcmcia network card (
Laptop B, win98/peanut8.4 linux in a compaq docking station with the
netflex3 NIC on the docker.

I have them cabled together using a crossover cable to not have to use a
hub. With the hub and relevent cabling, all configs of OS's work fine with
ping tests. Without, all configurations except for the following work fine:

Laptop A (WinME) --- Laptop B (peanut linux).

The problem is with the netflex3 NIC. peanut kernel version is 2.4.3 and
uses the tlan driver. Is a kernel upgrade the best way of resolving this?
could it be a switch/parameter that needs to be passed to the driver? The
boot messages state that the card is trying to autonegotiate a connection
and suggests to check the hub/cabling.

Kinda confused. Would love any suggestions!
TIA, Raj

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