Linux setup problems for X. Video card

Linux setup problems for X. Video card

Post by Shane van Ing » Fri, 08 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have just recently upgraded from Slackware 3.0 (kernal 1.2.13) to
Slackware 3.1 (kernal 2.0)

With my previous version of Linux and XFree86 I had no problems
setting up the video card details under xf86config. Now I can't get it
to configure properly under my new distribution.

I have a S3 Trio 64V+  Phoenix Graphics card with 1Mb of EDO DRAM
runnning on a Pentium 120 system with 32Mb RAM

I went through the config file in the EXACT same way I did it last
time. This time I get a report (when trying to run X):

Fatal server error: xf86OpenConsole : cannot open /dev/console (no
such file or directory)

TRANS (socket UNIXconnect) ()can't connect  errno=111

I also installed all the EXACT same software from the CDROM as I did
the first time.

Could anyone please help me out :-)

E-mail me if you need to know anymore details to help me with my



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Hello *,

I used a Hauppauge WinTV PCI with bttv. Now I have installed a new
video card (NVIDIA GF4) with an additional video-in port. Without X11
bttv/bttvgrab runs perfect. After starting X and run bttvgrab
following error occurs:

/usr/bin/bttvgrab error: Cannot allocate memory (open /dev/bttv)

I think video-in on new video card blocks out the video device. How
should I configure second video device or how can I switch off
video-in on video card.

Thanks in advance,


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