Trident 9440 and SONY CPD 15"

Trident 9440 and SONY CPD 15"

Post by B.M.R » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am having a problem in setting up my XF86Config for the x window.
My video card  is Trident 9440 1mb PCI AGi and my monitor is Sony
Multiscan CPD-15SX1. I am using  SVGA as the server. Especially I am
not able to use 800x600 and 1024x768 even though I specify the Ram as
1024. If any of you have this configuration, please provide some help
so that I can be up and running. I tried so many combination after
reading the documentations.
Thanks in advance.
--- B.M.Raj


1. Problems With Trident "9440" Video card Install

        I have been attempting to install a Trident Video Card that has a "9440"
video chip set. Several differnet version of Linux have been tried with no
soultion. When I try to install standard Trident seriers Linux drivers a
"Trident Unknon Chip Set" error always occurs.
        Does any one know if this version of Local Buss video card if supported under
Linux and if so where can a suitable X-Windows video driver obtained ??

Any Help GREATLY Appreciated!!
Glenn Gombert
Dayton, Ohio

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