lilo writes bogus MBR on HP Vectra

lilo writes bogus MBR on HP Vectra

Post by Bill Wohle » Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:00:00

  If I set boot=/dev/sda in lilo.conf, run lilo and reboot, I get


  Ideas? Linux otherwise works just fine when booted from floppy.

  Other details: Debian Linux 1.1, Linux 2.0.0, HP Vectra XU 6/150,
  Adaptec AIC 7880 Ultra (BIOS 1.2S-HP), Quantum Fireball 1080S,
  Phoenix compatibility BIOS GG.06.02.

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1. Lilo on HP Vectra VL5

Hello together,

I need your help!
I'm not able to install the (newest) Lilo-Bootmanager on a HP
Vectra VL5 (Revision B, Western Digital 2,5 GB Harddisk, P166 MMX)).

During the configuration Lilo says that everything went okay and it
should work. But the only thing I see at the boot-sequence is the
first "L" from "Lilo" and then the Computer stops. It makes no
difference if Lilo is installed on the MBR of the root partiton or
even a normal 1,44 MB disk (!!!). Everytime it stops at "L".

Is this a known problem and what can I do to avoid this failure?

Thanks for all replies.....

With best regards,

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