mgetty-0.22 getting alarm sig.

mgetty-0.22 getting alarm sig.

Post by Aschwin Gopal » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi there!

I am trying to set up my system to receive faxes using the
mgetty-sendfax-0.22 package. sending faxes works, but when the phone
rings, mgetty picks it up, the connection seems to build up, but even before
transmission starts, mgetty receives a alarm signal and hangs up again.

My system is a.out based, with the latest a.out shared libs and all. The
mgetty docs mention a comparable behaviour for old libc.4.1 systems.

Idea anyone?

Thanks, Aki


1. mgetty-0.22/ vgetty modem hangups

I am trying to install vgetty with a Zoltrix Voice/Fax/Data Modem.
The use of voice functions causes some strange state in the modem.
It does not accept any commands anymore until the reset-button is pressed.
It blocks until cold-start!

I tried to debug the situation playing a file via zplay over the speaker.
That works but usually causes a lockup. I tried to get a log with
zplay -x9 -s <file>
but no file is generated.

Another point. The vgetty-part is not compiling out of the box. There is a
definition of FAX_SPOOL_IN missing for the Makefile of vgetty!

How do I get my modem to work? And what can I do against those lockups
without having to cold-start my computer?

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