pointer jumps 4 pixels per mouse movement

pointer jumps 4 pixels per mouse movement

Post by Ronald S. Cho » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00

hi all:

i'm using redhad4.1 and xfree3.3.  when i move the mouse, the pointer
moves in multiples of 4 pixels at a time; the pointer movement is not
smooth, but rather jumps to x +/- 4 pixels.  (it does this in they y
direction also.)

for example, when i move a window and look at the little x,y
coordinate widget that x puts up on the screen, the movements are
always in increments/decrements of 4 pixels.  this really sucks when
you're trying to interact with a program that uses a slider widget.

now i can't begin to know where to start to fix this problem.  any
help would be appreciated.  thanks a lot.



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Normally, the mouse movement over a certain distance should result in a
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With XFree86 4.0, the mouse pointer moves the farer the faster the mouse is
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I checked several mice (PS/2, seriell), all behaving simliarly. Options
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