DialD can't stop dancing... opsss.. calling ;)

DialD can't stop dancing... opsss.. calling ;)

Post by Luca Mattein » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I tried to install diald on my firewall, to let it call the ISP every
time I request an external IP address (using a non-routed IP domain for
the internal network, of 192.168.1.x), but... it requests a connection
even if I ping (the firewall/masquerading itself)

Any advice?

I tried an "ignore" rule in diald.option, but it has this effect:
  ignore tcp ip.saddr&
Ok, it stops anything to outer world (too much...)
  ignore tcp ip.saddr&,ip.daddr&\
Routes again my "ping" (or telnet to it) outside, calling my
ISP for it.
The DNS is my ISP one, but the behaviour is the same even with a
dotted-quad address...

P.S.: please address any (?) reply to me too, thanx :)


1. My question has still not been answered.Dance..Dance...Dance...

So again for the 3rd time, prove me wrong and show me specifically how
much easier it is to set up:

1. Internet connection sharing.
2. Printer/scanner sharing with Linux/Windows mixed system.
3. Firewall (software based).

Again under Win98SE:

1. Internet connection sharing:
        Try help "how do I share my internet connection?" duhhhhhh

2. Printer Sharing:
        Click on Printers/Share  Duhhhh again.

3. Firewall:
        Try Zonealarm which has been written up in just about every
magazine and trade rag. No configuration necessary. It blocks your
ports and informs you with a popup everytime something is trying to
gain access to your system. You have the option of giving access or
not. No need to type in all kinds of ip addresses although you can do
that if you wish also.

So how does one go about doing this easily under Linux?

It's very easy to do under Windows. Not one file to edit.

So how about a direct rebuttal to prove me wrong instead of all of the
lame attempts at deflecting a direct question.

Is answering a direct question too difficult for the Linux people?

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