WP Office 2000 printing

WP Office 2000 printing

Post by H.A.J. van Nieker » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I installed WP Office 2000 today but I can't print to my HP LaserJet
1100. I can only print to 'LaserJet 1100 on WINEPS', which doesn't do a
thing. How do I solve this?



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WP Office 2000 for Linux - now that is pretty good stuff. WP Office for Win
is pretty nice and the suite is infinately better than Star Office.

Can someone tell me if this is open source? Will they be publishing the
source code to word perfect? If it's not open source, how will this
influence your decision to use the product?

Also, does anyone plan on paying the $109 or $149 for the suite?

Lastly, anyone know when this will be released?


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