CD-ROM Install w/ PAS16 and LMS CD205

CD-ROM Install w/ PAS16 and LMS CD205

Post by Joe Che » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

All Linux experts please help me on this one...

I have a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 sound card and attached to it a (SCSI?)
Phillips SINGLE SPEED (wow) CD-ROM LMS CD 205 (or 206 I dunno I think
they are the same)

I use sbpcd as the boot disk and it ditn't recgonize my CD-ROM drive. I
then use scsi and it is still the same.

I thought the two hardware I mentioned above are COMPATIBLE?!?

Also in the CD-ROM HOWTO document I found out that I ne something called
a kernal patch.  HOw can I patch a kernal without Linux even installed???
Also I don't have ftp and where can I get that 'patch' I needed badly?

Thank you in advance

I hope I am posting in the right group...

Joe Cheng