pmod, GUS, Voxware and /dev/gus

pmod, GUS, Voxware and /dev/gus

Post by Erik B. Ber » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

  I've been searching for a good Linux MOD player, with XM and S3M support.
Seems I have three choices (preferrably for GUS):

mod .81   - Nice iterface, text/X suppport compiles OK, but has no XM support
gmod 2    - Decent interface, text/X support, Compact display, No .XM support
pmod 1.24 - Never seen the interface (X?), compiles OK, but requires you to
replace the Voxware driver (?) has .XM support.

  I really am not interested in removing the standard Voxware driver to
replace it with something that may not be as stable, and I do not want to
break the other sound oriented programs I have.  It seems that you.  I thought
there was a way for the /dev/gus driver in pmod to co-exist with Voxware,
but when I try to load the pmod gus module into memory, I get this in

Nov 15 14:58:12 bereb kernel: gus: Version 1.25f, Copyright (c) 1994/95 by
Jaroslav Kysela (Perex soft)
Nov 15 14:58:12 bereb kernel: gus: Gravis UltraSound 3.4 (1024k) at 0x220,
irq 7, dmas 6 7
Nov 15 14:58:12 bereb kernel: unable to grab IRQ 7 for gus driver

Can I temporarily disable the VOxware driver without recompiling the
kernel without VOxware support?

So it seems that the pmod driver can not co exist with the voxware driver?
Is this the case?  Are there any .XM players for Linux at all that work with


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