printing with an epson stylus color 600

printing with an epson stylus color 600

Post by Olivie » Sun, 17 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I can use my color printer in 360x360dpi but not in 720x720.
I am using redhat 4.2 with ghostscript 5.01.
When I want to print in 720dpi, I have blank pages with sometime stange
Let me know if someone know how to use this printer in 720dpi  mode.

many thanks in advance.


1. GS Color printing with Epson Stylus 600

Hi there,
        I've recently purchased an Epson Stylus 600.  And have been very
happy with most of the results I've been getting from it using the
Uniprint driver.  

But Most of the pale greens in a picture get printed out brown on the page.

I beleive I can play with the transfer functions in the .upp definition but
Im sure someone has already got the "best" match for these arrays.

Does someone have a better transfer array than that provided with


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