WangDAT 2Gb backup, after 250Mb to tape message "END off TAPE" ??

WangDAT 2Gb backup, after 250Mb to tape message "END off TAPE" ??

Post by Jan H. van Gi » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi there,

Thanks for reading.

I try to backup my Linux system to a WangDAT 3200 4mm DAT unit.
After about 250Mb I get the message end of tape reached.

The unit is connected to a Adaptec 1542CF SCSI interface with SCSI-ID 6.

I use the device /dev/st0 and /dev/nst0 created with mknod c 9 0 and mknod c 9

Can any body tell me if there is a solusion for this problem.

The only thing I haven't try'd is disabling compression because then the
unit only will backup 1Gb

Thanks in advance Jan H. van Gils

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1. (Off Topic Slightly) -Tape Backup SparcStation5 "read error"

I originally posted this on "comp.os.unix.misc" to no avail, I hope this
doesn't offend. -Thanks

Hi there guru's, I was wondering if you could help me with this rather
annoying problem.  We have a SparcStation5 running SunOS, release 4.1.3_U1,
Operating System Version: 3 (from uname -a).  Connected to this a 10
GigaByte 8mm Backup Tape Drive.  This tape drive has its "Target Address
Switch" set at 4 (as recommended in the manual).  

I have tried using Tar and also the GUI "Tape Tool" to view 2 tapes we
have, with no success.  I have worked out that the tape drive is set to
"/dev/rst0" (have also tried 8,1,4).  However the error message that is
displayed is "read error:Invalid Argument".  

The only things I can come up with are that :
        a) the tapes that I am looking at are blank and needing formatted or
similar.(not good)
        b) the tapes have been corrupted (not good, they are backups of data)
        c) there is a device mismatch.

Any thoughts and pointers would be welcomed.

Thanks again,

Euan B
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