Redhat5.2/mouse & keyboard problem

1. PS/2 mouse with AWE 32 PnP card freezes my keyboard & mouse ???

I don't know if this is best asked here or in the setup group, but I
have to pick one, so..

I am curently running Mandrake v6.1 on an IBM PC350-P100 with a Netgear
NIC, SB AWE32 PnP ISA sound card and a Kensington Orbit trackball
connected to the PS/2 mouse port. This all works just fine, as long as I
don't startx or touch the mouse prior to running isapnp. If I do, the
keyboard/mouse freeze and unless I can telnet to the system to enter a
re-boot command the only other option is to power off the system.

Until this release 7.0 of Mandrake I could always deal with it by
copying an archived copy of isapnp.conf into /etc and rebooting after
installing a new release. Once that was done, it was no longer a
problem.  Now, I need to solve the original problem or learn how to pass
isapnp parameters at boot time. The new Mandrake graphic install starts
X and freezes my system before I can do anything.

Any and all related suggestions would be welcome.  I have long since
exhausted ideas on how to resolve the problem.

Thanks in advance,  Les

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