Major SCSI bug in RedHat 5.1

Major SCSI bug in RedHat 5.1

Post by Sam Danie » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I installed RedHat 5.0 and 5.1 on the same hardware - ALR Rev 6x6,
quad Pentium Pro, Adaptec SCSI controller on the motherboard, 4.3GB
ultrawide hard disk.

With 5.0 it takes about 15 seconds to format a 128MB swap file. With
5.1 it takes 5-10 _minutes_. Imagine how long it will take to format
my 1.6GB /home partition! Symptoms: 5.1 formats a small part of the
swap, then stops for a while, then does another small segment, etc.
During the pauses, there is no disk activity at all, and the CPU
shows about 10% utilization.

Any suggestions?


Major SCSI bug in RedHat 5.1

Post by Patrick Wisema » Sat, 13 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> Any suggestions?

Use the 5.0 boot disk and CD-ROM to format, then bail out of the
installation.  Reboot with the 5.1 boot disk and CD-ROM and skip the
formatting step.  (I know the latter is possible because I recently
_reinstalled_ a 5.1 installation but didn't bother to reformat.)



1. Major problems with RedHat 5.1 / Gateway P2-400, IBM 10GB drive - please help!

Hello all,

        I'm trying to install Red hat 5.1 on a Gateway PC.  I had two
FAT32 partitions on the drive to begin with.  I shrunk one with
partition magic so I was left with 1.4GB free space.  I'm trying to
install Linux to that free space.
Disk Druid let me make the swap and Linux native partitions, no
errors.  When it tried to format the swap space (100MB), it was taking
forever.  I looked at some of the other terminal screens (alt+F3, F4,
etc) and noticed a huge string of disk write errors.  I was pretty
much forced to reboot (it locked up).

        When I started over, it did not try to format the swap space,
but went straight to installing packages.  Then it freaked out again
in much the same manner.

        Does anyone know what is going on?  Does Linux have any
problems with large disks like this, or is Partition Magic the
problem?  Or is it the crappy Gateway-Phoenix BIOS?

Tim Kelley

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