Strange Samba problem

Strange Samba problem

Post by Udo Wolte » Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi !

I'm using Suse 6.1 and tried to use Samba as Server for a Win98 system.
When I try to export ext2 filesystems there seems to be no problem.
I can read, write, delete, move, copy files & directories.

When I try to export a vfat filesystem I can read & write, but I can't
delete & move. What's the problem here (I tried it with the same
settings as with the ext2 filesystems). In Win98 Explorer these files also
appear to be gray shaded.

When I mount them with smbmount or try to access them via smbclient
everything is normal. Deleting & moving are working fine. Is there something
special about win98 ?

Thanx & Bye,

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