What is a good way to learn GNU "C" and "C++" ?

What is a good way to learn GNU "C" and "C++" ?

Post by Tom Cipollon » Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am not a professional software developer. Several years ago, when I
learned "C", I simply bought one of the many "learn-it-yourself" books
on the topic, and the Microsoft "C" compilers. They worked quite well.

Now that I am getting up to speed on the linux environment, I have
encountered "GNU" "C" and "C++". The man pages on this are in some sort
of serial order ie. man1, man2 etc.. Also, they are quite terse.

Is there a manual or some such document out there which is more user
friendly, with which I may learn the GNU environment? One with examples
and helpful hints etc..?

Also, with Windows I have used the "codeview debigger". This made
debugging "C" programs far easier. Is there an equivilent in the GNU

Thank You