PS2 third party three button mice?

PS2 third party three button mice?

Post by Paul Tombl » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have a Crapard Bell computer running Linux (RedHat 4.0).  The mouse that
came with the computer is utter *and I want to replace it.  (In fairness
to Packard Bell I should point out that the machine and mouse were old when I
bought them).  It's a PS2 style mouse, and both gpm and XWindows have had no
problem with it.

So I bought a three button mouse that advertised on the box that it was PS/2
and serial compatible.  It had a switch on the bottom to choose Microsoft or
Mouse Systems mode, and an adaptor on the end to convert the 9 pin serial
connection to a PS2 AUX connection.  I shut down the machine, unplugged the PB
mouse, plugged the new one in, and started it up again.  Being full of
confidence, I went straight into X Windows, but all I got there was a black
screen and no response to Cntrl-Alt-BackSpace.  I had to reboot again, and
this time I tried gpm.  No luck.  Tried with different switch settings.  Still
no luck, and I noticed also that the PS2 AUX driver (which is compiled as a
module) wasn't even getting loaded.  I tried compiling the kernel so that AUX
driver support is builtin, not a module.  Still no luck.  It doesn't even
recognize a AUX device on boot up.  I tried flipping the switches on the
mouse.  Still no luck.

I tried the mouse in the serial port, and gpm recognized it as either a
MicroSoft mouse or a Mouse Systems mouse, depending on the switch settings.
No problem - except I don't have a serial port to spare, because I normally
use that port for a vt220 terminal.

So I went out and bought ANOTHER mouse, this one that's all PS2, with no
serial option.  This one at least is recognized as a AUX device on boot-up,
but gpm has had no luck communicating with it.

Is there a problem with aux port mice that aren't PS2 mice, or what?  I'm
baffled here.

Paul Tomblin, Contract Programmer.
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