Micron portable CD ROM problem ???

Micron portable CD ROM problem ???

Post by Sergei Naumo » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi, folks!
I am setting up this Micrpon portable and the weired thing happens:
it recognizes the CD drive as ATAPI, it flashes the lights but...
when I am trying to mount it, the thing yells:

        "tray open or device not ready".

It also could not access it with Win95 that came with the portable (which
I already wiped out :-) )

can anyone give a word of wisdom on that? Thanks much,



1. Sanyo IDE CD-ROM on Micron..

  I've been considering getting a Micron Pentium with
4x CD-ROM. According to the sales. rep. I talked to , Micron
comes with Sanyo 4x IDE cd-rom (well, it's either Sony, Mistumi
or Sanyo, but it'll be Sanyo if I don't want to wait two months).
I may get credit of $100 for cd-rom and get a cd-rom known to work well
with Linux, but it's about $200. Hence(and the figures quoted
by the sales. rep. about Sanyo look not so bad. 200ms access time,
256kB buffer), I want
to avoid this if Sanyo cd-rom work well with Linux. I haven't
be able to find a single ad. in computer magazines about Sanyo IDE 4x
cd-rom(I found a few dealers
with Sanyo SCSI 4x cd-rom, though), so that I'm sort of
doubtful of its performance. Is there any one who has some
experience with this CD-ROM and Linux, success or failure,
work-around in case of trouble, or whatever?

  I would be very grateful for any information.

   Jungshik Shin

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