SVR4 filesystem? s5 ufs

SVR4 filesystem? s5 ufs

Post by John LoSec » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have added an IDE disk to my system and put linux on it.
Up until now the sytem has been running a SCSI based SVR4.  I have 2 SVR4
scsi disks.

After rebuilding the kernel with system V filesystem support I get an error
indicating that I have an unsupported file system when mounting the sysv
disks.  Fdisk indicates that the partions are labeled as "GNU_HURD".
I have also added ufs (readonly) support.

The disks have a perfectly good SVR4 filesystem which has functioned under
unix for years.  SVR4 supports both s5 and ufs, which they call the
Berkeley Fast File System.  I believe these disks were configured with

Does linux support this ufs?  Do I need to reconfigure the partiton table
with fdisk to satisfy linux?  Would this reconfiguration confuse SVR4?

Thanks for any advice.
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1. Performance of s5 vs. ufs filesystems

We are currently weighing up the pros and cons involved in
choosing file system types (s5 or ufs) for user's home directories on a
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Now, considering tha the ufs filesystem is more complex, does this
therefore mean that there would be a performance penalty when
doing IO? If so, does anyone have any hard figures to indicate
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I have run a couple of simple benchmarks which seem to indicate
some loss in performance for ufs file systems, but second, third
and more opinions are invited.

Mathew Lim, Unix Systems Programmer, ANU Supercomputer Facility,        
Australian National University, GPO Box 4, Canberra City, ACT, Australia 2601.


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