Help: Reinstalling Linux Without Losing Everything

Help: Reinstalling Linux Without Losing Everything

Post by Jeffery S. Norm » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

How do I reinstall the core Linux system (kernel, libraries, binutils,
compiler, etc) without losing all my existing applications, especially
X.  It took many days of screwing around with Xconfig to get the settings
working for my trident 9400cxi in hi-res, and I am loathe to reinstall
and start all over.  Not to mention my user files, rc files all over the
place etc.  

But, I screwed up in the transition to ELF.  I didn't read the FAQ, and
ended up overwriting some library or bin files or links.  Now, a.out
compilations often fail in large programs. :-(  I have tried untarring
binutils binaries, upgrading to gcc 272, etc. but haven't yet been
able to figure out exactly where I went wrong.  Basically, I would like
to just wipe out the base system and reinstall, but I don't want to lose
my configuration (esp X) files and/or links.

Could somebody please outline the steps I need to take?  I am proficient
at Linux (though, obviously, not as an administrator) so a simple
list of necessary steps (in order) would suffice.  I just don't want to
make things worse thatn they already are.



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I've been running RH5.1 on my machine for awhile now, and have been
quite happy with it.  I would like to move up to RH6.0, though.  But
I'm deathly afraid of accidentally wiping out my /home partition,
which contains years of old emails, documents, etc..  (I have no
ready backup solution.  Stupid, I know.)  Am I going to be able to
upgrade from RH5.1 to 6.0 and keep my /home partition the same?

Also, I've got a copy of 6.0 from one of those freebie deals somebody
on the net was giving out.  So, I've got 2 CD's, but no manual or
floppies.  Does that mean no installation program, I have to do it
all by myself?  Am I just better off coughing up the $50 bucks (and
eating the $8 it cost to ship me the "freebie" :)) in order to get
it right from the horse's mouth?


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