PCMCIA/SCSI Parallel Port install failure

PCMCIA/SCSI Parallel Port install failure

Post by Achim Nolcken Loh » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:43:53

Have spent most of the last two days trying to install Linux on a
Panasonic CF-25 laptop.  The machine has no internal CD-ROM, so I
tried installing it from the following external CD-ROMs:

1) Nero CD-ROM on Adaptec 1460 PCMCIA SCSI adapter

2) BackPack CD-ROM on the parallel port

I tried RedHat 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 and 6.0, then Caldera 2.4, and finally
Mandrake 6.0.

None of these versions offered a driver for the SlimSCSI 1460, despite
my use of the drivers and pcmciadd floppies. I understand the correct
driver is a patched version of the AHA152X driver (which reportedly
autoinstalled fine in RH6.2), so I tried loading the AHA152X driver,
but it failed.

None of the Redhat versions, nor the Caldera, offered any support for
the BackPack CDROM, but Mandrake 6.0 did.  So I started from DOS, and
ran the install program from the CD ON the BackPack CDROM.  But when I
sent autoprobe to look for the drive, the Mandrake installer responded
"can't find BackPack CDROM anywhere on your system".  Go figure!

Is there an off-the-shelf solution?




1. Q: PCMCIA SCSI and parallel port

Hi, Linux users,

I want to choose a backup drive. The SyQuest's SparQ or SyJet and the
Iomega's Jaz drive come for considering.

The problem is, I don't know if I should buy the parallel version or the
SCSI version.

For the parallel version, I heard it's very slow (someone claims a speed
of 8MB/min).
For the SCSI version I need to buy a PCMCIA SCSI card, like the
Adaptec's SlimSCSI 1460 or 1480. 1460 is 16bit version, 1480 is of
32bit; accordingly 1460 offers only 2MB/sec, 1480 about 130MB/sec
transfer rate (the data is from Adaptec). But currently the 1480 is not
supported by Linux, I even don't know if it will be supported at all in
the future.

Can someone tell me real life experience about the SlimSCSI transfer
rate between internal harddrive and external drive? Further if someone
has just data about parallel version, I'd like to have too.

I wonder if the transfer rate with SlimSCSI 1460 is only just comparable
with parallel version.

Thanks in advance!



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