Ricoh 1420C on Adaptec 2940 problem with RH 6.0

Ricoh 1420C on Adaptec 2940 problem with RH 6.0

Post by Mark Goldber » Tue, 25 May 1999 04:00:00

I've got a Ricoh 1420C CD recorder on an adaptec 2940 (early version
without auto termination). Redhat 6.0 will not boot unless I disable
disconnect in the Adaptec bios setup.  If it is enabled, I get a
timeout and an infinite loop of retry and trying harder errors.
The Adaptec driver is that shipped with RH 6.0.

Anyone have any ideas of what the problem is?  At least my hard disks
are on a different controller, so the lack of disconnect does not tie
up the SCSI bus for the hard disks, but I'd like to get it working.

When it does boot, it is not even mounted. I guess because it is
configured as a WORM device, not a CDROM. I'll get to the CD
burning software later, but at least I'd like it to boot, and
I'm concerned that disabling disconnect will not make for
efficient CD burning.


Mark Goldberg


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I tried installing it on my _oldest_ GW2K system with
an Adaptec 2940 card - and I get a scsi timeout error.

I do not understand -

RH 6.0 installed OK on two systems with Adaptec 2940 cards -
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