Upgrade RH 5.2 to RH 6.2

Upgrade RH 5.2 to RH 6.2

Post by Ee-Loong Ta » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Is it possible to ugrade RH 5.2 to RH 6.2?

If yes, and how?

Thanks in advance.


1. Upgrading from RH 5.2 to RH 6.2-- How ??

Given a RH 5.2 installation, how would you upgrade to RH 6.2?

I have a slow modem. At work, I can download via very fast connections
to ZIP disks, or burn a CD-R. All of the RedHat mirror sites that I
have seen do not have CD images for RH 6.2, just a big RPMS directory
that has gobs of binary RPMS totalling 400+ MB, and another source
RPMS directory.

Given this, how would you upgrade from 5.2 to 6.2? Download all the
binary RPMS and try to burn them on a CD-R ? Will my RH5.2 install
floppy read that CD-R and do an upgrade to 6.2? I have been through
hell and back with RPM troubles, circular dependencies, etc., trying
to do pieces of the upgrade myself.

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