Linux hardware compablity question

Linux hardware compablity question

Post by Bryan H. Hab » Mon, 11 Sep 1995 04:00:00

i'm wondering if linux will work with my system, and what version it are the specs

-Intel Pentium 120
-AP5C motherboard with PCI/ISA architecture, 82437FX,82438FX,82371FB    
        Triton chipset, super I/O controller and PCI mode 4 enhanced-IDE
        controller, AMI Plug-and-Play WinBios
-Diamond Stealth 64 vga video 2mb-VRAM (PCI)
-Intellipoint Microsoft Mouse
-5'1/4" FDD
-3'1/2" FDD
-Connor 250/420 MB Internal Minicartidge drive
-Sound Blaster 16 with Creative Labs 2X CD-ROM (Basic mutilmedia package)
-Standard Dual Port Gamecard
-Seagate 1.2 Gig HDD (not to sure about the manufacturer on that one)
-Canon BJ-200ex Printer

what i'm most concerned about is the PCI bus.....i would be really pissed
ff if it didn't work....thanks for your time....please send personal