term won't work

term won't work

Post by William Kell » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I just installed RH 6.0 and after I compiled a new kernel to get the
proper driver support
the standard Gnome terminal won't work.  What could be wrong???  The
Konsole in KDE works fine.

1. Why won't ftp server work over term?

I'm trying to set up an ftp server on my box over a term connection,
and everything goes fine until I try to list a directory, or transfer
a file....I can cd to a directory, but anything having to do with a
transfer hangs ftp.  Then when i hit ^c a few times to kill it, I get:

^C426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
500 'ABOR': command not understood.

I followed the directions for ftp over term, the part where the socket
has to be linked to an identical subdir under ~ftp...But it makes no
difference.  Original socket:  /root/.term/socket
Linked socket ftp can find: ~ftp/root/.term/socket

This is done exactly like the directions.  Please help?  I know port 20
is used for data transfer, would that have anything to do with it?  I've
tried everything i can think of...


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