Help with printing graphics (jpegs) w/ ghostscript

Help with printing graphics (jpegs) w/ ghostscript

Post by Thomas Swi » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00

     I recently got myself a new Epson Stylus 600 color injet printer.
I've got ghostscript set up to use the unified print driver to talk to
it.  I'd like to print JPEG or GIF files, but I have to make postscript files
first (I've been loading them into Netscape and saving as Postscript) and
the conversion seems to lose resolution. The resulting Postscript files
look terrible, whether printed or viewed with ghostscript. I'm guessing
that's because Postscript has a 72dpi resolution.

     How can I get Postscript files with high resolution color images?
My 1400 dpi printer doesn't do me much good if the source only has a
resolution of 72 dpi. B-< (The images look great under Win95, but I can't
stand to use Win95 for more than about ten minutes at a time before I
want to throw my machine out the window, preferably on to Bill Gates' head.)

     Please reply to me and I'll summarize to the group. Thanks!

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1. Solaris 2.6, ghostscript printing to HP Deskjet - corrupt graphics

I have a Sparc IPC and old Deskjet printer. I have just installed
ghostscript and set up a postscript -> PCL filter as described in: (which is excellent btw)

Amazingly the setup works reasonably well, differentiating between plain
text and .ps files, the problem comes when I have to print postscript files
containg much text or graphics, (particularly I am trying to print output
from StarOffice). When this sort of output is printed the graphics and some
of the text is distorted and broken up in places, although it is still

The instructions on say...

usage of any >STREAM modules that may - and will - do some unwanted
transformations of raw output >sent by lp system to the device and thus mess
up any graphics (-H).
(as reported by >command lpstat -p oki -l):
I wonder if I am getting 'unwanted transformations of raw output'.
Interestingly according to my man page for lpadmin there is no -H option
(although the command seems to accept it without error).

Any ideas? Does the lack of  -H switch in the documentation mean that it is
no longer supported and thus allowing these problems to occur? If so how do
I get round it.? If not what is going on?

Thanks for your help.


(Copy of reply by email appreciated.)

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