i486 revisited

i486 revisited

Post by Lee Sau Da » Fri, 19 Oct 2001 06:15:29

    Alexander> Hi, I've a old ibm 486/dx33 with 8mb ram. It runs good
    Alexander> till you want to compile a new kernel ;-) forget it to
    Alexander> run x on it. then you will need at least 32mb ram (buy
    Alexander> it at ebay!).

A  386/DX33 used  to be  my X-terminal  on my  desk for  1.5  years in
1995-1996 (when  Pentium 75's were common).   It has 8MB  RAM and 40MB
harddisk.  But it has a 387, which helps a lot when I ran xfig with on
diagrams with curves.  The trick is to avoid running both the X server
and  X clients  on the  same machine.   And it  is important  to avoid
running netscape on this X display, as netscape is an X-resource-hog.

My machine  was installed with Slackware (can't  remember the version;
maybe 2.x),  running kernel  1.0.34.  I installed  only the  disk sets
"a",  "n".  Then, I  added the  suitable X  server package.   I didn't
install X  clients, as  this was just  an X-terminal.  I  fiddled with
inittab to  start X upon  booting, and to remove  unnecessary daemons.
The only daemons running were:  klogd, syslogd, inetd (only telnet and
ftp, just in case I need to  maintain it from across the network -- it
is usually  swapped out) and  the X server.   Owing to the  small disk
space,  I edited  /etc/syslog.config  to forward  messages to  another
machine with a large disk.

Nowadays, the inetd should be replaced with sshd.

Of course,  if you can set up  NFS, the disk space  limitation is less
serious than the small RAM size.





1. i486 revisited

Hi all,
I've recently got hold of a dilapidated 486 m/c which has 8MB RAM and
a 2GB harddisk; and want to put it to good use. Can anyone suggest me
the best version of linux which will be suited for this thingy? At
present, I'm running pocket linux and am' only able to telnet to
servers. Is it possible to add a sound card and run mpg123 with such a
small RAM?
Any possibility of running X - or am i asking for too much??!!
Thanx in advance,

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