Print filter for Lexmark Color Inkjet 1020

Print filter for Lexmark Color Inkjet 1020

Post by Stephen L. McMaho » Mon, 14 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for a print filter for a Lexmark Color Inkjet 1020.  Does
anyone know where this could be found or where there is good
documentation on what it takes to write such a filter?

Thanks just in case!

Steve McMahon


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I have a Lexmark 1020 color inkjet printer.  I've been trying to get it
to print and I can't.  I downloaded the APSfilter package, installed it
and all I get when I print is a page filled with black blocks.  I then
downloaded the magic-filter package and set it up, but I still only get
the black blocks (I'm attempting to print a text file).  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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