Where can I find libqt-mt?

Where can I find libqt-mt?

Post by Doug » Tue, 16 Jan 2001 02:02:00

I'm trying to compile KWinTV 0.8.5.  I installed the latest QT (qt-
2.2.2-2), but KWinTV's makefile wants to link with libqt-mt, which is
not included in the QT rpm.  Anyone know what I need to install to get
this library?



Where can I find libqt-mt?

Post by dm » Tue, 16 Jan 2001 02:46:38

Quote:>  Anyone know what I need to install to get
> this library?

Never mind, I found it: libqt2.


1. Problem with configure and libqt-mt

I am having problems with compiling any program for KDE3. I am using the Red
Hat rpms on a Red Hat 7.1 system.
Any help is appreciated.

This is the error I get during a configure...
checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.2) (library qt-mt) not
found. Please check your installation!
For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log.
Make sure that you have compiled Qt with thread support!

"ldconfig --verbose" produces the following
        libqxt.so.0 -> libqxt.so.0.3.0
        libqui.so.1 -> libqui.so.1.0.0
        libqt.so.3 -> libqt.so.3.0.3
        libqt-mt.so.3 -> libqt-mt.so.3.0.3
        libeditor.so.1 -> libeditor.so.1.0.0
        libqxt.so.0 -> libqxt.so.0.3.0
        libqutil.so.1 -> libqutil.so.1.0.0
        libqt.so.2 -> libqt.so.2.3.1
        libqt-mt.so.2 -> libqt-mt.so.2.3.1

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