Help! SCSI: 0

Help! SCSI: 0

Post by Randolph Kinn » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a Pentium 90 EISA motherboard with 32 megs of RAM and an
Adaptec AHA-2742W EISA SCSI wide controller, Quantum 34300W 4.3 gig SCSI wide
drive, and two Maxtor 1240s 1.2 gig SCSI narrow drives.  I am running
DOS/WfWG, Win95, and NT 3.51 with no problems.

I am trying to install Slackware Linux 2.2.0 that I got on CDROM that came with a
book that I bought "Linux Unleshed". This version contains libc 4.6.27, Linux
kernel 1.2.1, and I am coming up with the message SCSI: 0 and a message that
AHA-274x not supported when running SCSI boot.

Is there anything out there that will work with my system?  Any help will be

Randy Kinney


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Hi to all, folks

I'm trying to install rh 5.2 on a 2 processor with a Adaptec AIC-7890
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Thanks, thanks and thanks for every answer ....


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