HELP! Linux broke WinNT and fdisk broke Linux!

HELP! Linux broke WinNT and fdisk broke Linux!

Post by Edwin » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 07:44:01

Hi. I've got a DOS/WinNT and I've just installed Linux (Slackware 2.0.1)

They are all in primary partitions - DOS/WinNT in /dev/hda4 and Linux
in /dev/hda1.

Linux works alright and I've put LILO in the superblock which works fine.

However when I switch to the NT OS Loader and try to boot NT now it
complains of an incorrect checksum in the boot sector and refuses to
continue. The emergency repair disk can't fix this.

So I went  back to Linux and used fdisk to set /dev/hda4 back to active
and Linux crashed with a kernel panic when I tried to write the
partition table.

Now Linux won't boot as it tries to find a HPFS partition instead
of Linux Native and stops with a kernel panic saying can't find
root disk. I can't boot off floppy as well as I get the same error.

Can someone tell me what I did wrong here and do I need to reinstall
NT and Linux? HELPPPP!!

Any help will be much appreciated.



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