OpenLinux 1.3 continually asks for root password

OpenLinux 1.3 continually asks for root password

Post by George Jempt » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I got all the packages installed but then get stuck in a loop where setup
asks me to set the root password, which I do, then asks me to set up another
user name, which I do, and then asks me to set up the root password again.

I emailed Caldera and they said it would be two-three business days, which
means middle of next week.  Can someone help me this weekend?  It would be
much appreciated.


1. NS Mail Notifier Continually Asks for Password...


I'm currently set up a new RedHat 7.1 server with sendmail, smtp,
(s)pop3, (s)imap, etc. to replace an older system running
Mandrake. Everything seems to work just fine using Netscape
Messenger on Windows 98 client.  However, I'm having trouble with
the NS Mail Notifier continually asking for my password, even
though NS Messanger is set to remember password.  NS Notifier
works just fine with POP on same 7.1 server.  I've determined
that the the notifier under IMAP is getting authenticated
properly, via server maillog/tcpdump/etc..., but as soon as you
enter the password it imediately comes right back and asks for it
again.  I'm wondering anyone knows of an incomatability between
imap-2000-9 running on Linux and the NS Mail Notifier installed
with NS Communicator 4.77?  If so is there a work around other
than using a third party mail notifier?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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