GNU HURD hard disk mounting?

GNU HURD hard disk mounting?

Post by Peter Wal » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have a hard disk that has the Sun Interactive operating system on it.
Currently it is on a second controller as hdc. fdisk reports its only
partition to be of type GNU HURD.

Is there any way of mounting this thing under linux? I've tried all of the
file types that I have available and nothing would mount it, complaining
of the wrong fs type.


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1. How Do I mount a GNU HURD Unix Partition in Linux

That's supposed to be the same ext2 partition as Linux (except for
there is also the ownership label which is supposedly set to Hurd).

You most probably could be able to mount it the same way as any Linux
mount -t ext2 ... ...  (or even without -t ext2 option).

The word of warning, though: DO NOT try to fsck Hurd's filesystem
from Linux. There is some incompatibility involved..


PS. For those wondering what Hurd is (like myself), there is a link

with the snapshot of the Hurd filesystem...
You'd also need a boot floppy (with GRUB); search the net.

Debian-Hurd mailing list archive is at

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