IBM Thinkpad 365E and Linux

IBM Thinkpad 365E and Linux

Post by EEG » Tue, 20 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have the TP365E hooked up to two Backpack cdroms (one is a pd/cd), and
would like to use the machine primarily for web surfing and word processing.

Redhat won't recognize the CDRoms, so I can't install from the cd.

Any help out there would be appreciated.  I'd like to get linux up and
running; if I can practice with the laptop, my desktops will be next.

Is there anyway I can install Linux without using the cdrom, and once it is
installed, would Linux be able to recognize and use them?



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I would like to get LINUX Slackware installed on one of my 2 computers,
but I am not having luck with either one.  I have downloaded Slackware
(not the test version) from

The first system is an IBM ThinkPad 750 non-MCA.  Although I have
seen information saying that it should work if ramdisk parameters
are set properly (I use "ramdisk hd=914,16,49" for my 340MB drive).
I get a hang after inserting the root diskette.

The system that I really would like to see working is my 386-40 clone
with an IBM 16-Bit Fast SCSI Adapter (based on Future Domain's 18C30
chip) with my SCSI 1G drive.  On the SCSI boot diskette I see a
message ...

EATA (External Attachment) driver version 2.31a
No BIOS32 extensions present. This release still depends on it. Sorry.

In this case, I never see the /dev/sda drive, and therefore cannot

Any suggestions on either system?


Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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