how to set up linux box as router?

how to set up linux box as router?

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hi , I want to setup my linux(redhat6.0) box as a router, I installed two
adapters in it , one is NIC for our LAN, one is ISDN modem for
I can surf internet from this box but I can not surf internet from other pcs
in the LAN unless I setup proxy on this box.I am using this box as the DHCP
server also. so all the pcs in LAN can get IP from it. so all the pcs in LAN
are working properly, they can connect each other by TCP/IP. I check the
HOWTO, it say this box can work as an router, but why I can not connect to
internet by this box directly? and if I want to use this box as a gateway.
how to setup? pls help me . thank you.

1. Linux box + Speedtouch Pro router: how to do firewall on Linux box


I bought the 4-port Speedtouch Pro ADSL modem/router.
It uses PPP to talk to my ISP. It is connected to my
Linux box via the ethercard card. I will also connect a laptop
to the router, so that I will have a two-machine LAN.
(Cannot connect laptop to PC, as I have only one network card on the PC.)

The router works fine as a modem and an NAT box. But there is no firewalling on
the router as it does not seem to support port forwarding.

So, how to do firewalling?

In principle, I am thinking of:
(a) forwarding all network traffic to my PC
(b) setting up the PC as the default gateway for all other machines on the LAN,
     using iptables to do the port forwarding on the PC.

Would anyone know if this is possible with the Speedtouch Pro?

There is an option on the PPP setup of the router for an "Only Me"
connection, so that the router would allow only my PC to use its ADSL connection.
I am assuming that this achieves (a).

But would the router send all packets from my laptop via my PC, if I tell my
laptop (running Win98) that the default gateway is (private address for
my PC)? I suppose I have to do something with the IP routing table on the router.
At the moment, the table is:

        Source          Gateway         Intf    
         MYPPP          eth0
any      MYPPP
any         eth0           any     eth0 is the router is the Linux box
212.56... is my ISP-assigned IP address for my connection


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