problems copying files from Win95 partition to linux

problems copying files from Win95 partition to linux

Post by Daniel Webe » Tue, 20 Apr 1999 04:00:00

This one has me kind of baffled:

Dell PPro with 11 gig HD and ATAPI CDROM on 1st IDE, 2 HD's on second
IDE controller.  Linux installed as 4G partition on 1st HD on 1st IDE.
Win95 C drive is vfat, the other two are FAT16.  I originally installed
RH 5.2 with kernel 2.0.36.  I automount the C and D drives during boot.
Since my network connection doesn't work yet (having trouble with the
cable modem), I have to download files from Win95 and copy them over.
This worked with the Gnome RPM's and almost all files, except of course
the ones I need to get my cable modem running.  Short summary:

Downloaded kernel 2.2.6.bz2.  This file cp's over at 300 bytes (dos size
is 11meg).  Will not copy from C or D correctly.  I unzipped and
untarred in windows and then the individual files would cp over.  The
2.2.6 kernel compiled Ok and I'm using it now.  The file transfer still
does not work under 2.2.6.

calble modem setup file:  This file is ~900k.  I've tried cp and mcopy
from A, C and D.  This file gives a gunzip error about an invalid
format, though the size appears right.  The owner of the file swears it

Is there a newer version of gunzip out there I should have?  Is there
some file size restriction on moving files from a DOS partition to
unix?  Has anyone else had a problem cp'ing files over where the
destination file ended up ~300 bytes?  This has been driving me crazy
for 4 days now....