Initio SCSI kernel

Initio SCSI kernel

Post by kteste » Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Does someone has a precompiled kernel for Initio SCSI cards? I would
like to avoid
spending $$$ on a new SCSI cards. And it is pain to compile the INitio
SCSI support when
 you do not have a working linux system.

I will appreciate any help.


1. Problem: SCSI (initio 9100u) and kernel 2.5.24

i tried to compile the new 2.5.24 kernel with modular scsi-support for
initio 9100u on my suse 7.3 system
with a standard ftp-update from suse, too.(dont beat - lfs comes with dsl
i didnt found a notice in related sites about this behaviour.
compiling stops with the following messages:

# ini9100u.c : 111 : # error Please convert me to
# ini9100u.c : In funktion i91uBuildSCB` :
# ini9100u.c : 494 : structure has no member named address`
# ini9100u.c : 503 : structure has no member named address`

sorry, im a stupid beginner, but if my brain doesnt suck me, it looks more
like a missing declaration, then
a missing bracked. The whole file contains the variable "address" only 2x,
just in the lines described above.
Or does "address" come from the environment?
This problem is too difficult for me, but im intrested in the solution,
when this message becomes a tread.

uwe ziegler

May the brain be with you
and good ideas - forever!

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