Redhat 5.0 not letting me mount CD ROM.

Redhat 5.0 not letting me mount CD ROM.

Post by Jacek Pliszk » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> In linux how do you do a 'ls' on the cd rom drive? Do you have to go to that
> directory?

No. In normal operating systems there is no difference for user
what kind of drive one use. You just do:

ls -al /mnt/cdrom
ls -al /mt/floppy
ls -al /msdosc
ls -al /zip
ls -al /mnt/this_is_a_file_mounted_as_a_partition
ls -al /net/


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Redhat 5.0 not letting me mount CD ROM.

Post by Nathaniel Slate » Wed, 27 May 1998 04:00:00

First, mount the cdrom:

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Next cd to /mnt/cdrom

Then, do an 'ls'  It will list the contents of the cdrom drive.

When you do the install, make sure that you have specified to include
support for your particular CDROM.  If it is a non-IDE drive, you may
need to compile another type of driver into the kernel.

> In linux how do you do a 'ls' on the cd rom drive? Do you have to go to that
> directory?

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1. Problems mounting CD-ROM under Redhat 5.0

I installed RedHat 5.0 last night -- my first experience with Linux.

The install routine recognized my CD-ROM drive right off the bat, and
the intall ran pretty well.  However, once Linux was installed, it
seems unable to mount the CD-ROM automatically when booting. In fact,
it generates an error message saying that "/dev/hdc" can't be found in
the files /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab.  (This is true, in the sense that
there is no reference in those files to any device called "/dev/hdc"
-- but why is it even looking for such a device?) For the first few
boots, I was able to mount it manually after Linux had booted.

In the file system configuration utility that comes with this
distribution, the CD-ROM was originally designated as /dev/cdrom and
the mount point as /mnt/cdrom.  The files system should, I believe, be
ISO9660.  But now when I run the utility, I can't get it to
acknowledge ISO9660 as a possible file system (the only permissible
choices are ext2, msdos, vfat, nfs, and isofs) and I can't mount it at

My hard drives are both SCSI (designated as sda and sdb) and I have
Linux installed on the second drive; the primary partition is
designated sdb1.  The CD-ROM, however, is an IDE device running off a
sound card.

How do I get the OS to recognize the CD-ROM dependably, and why do I
get these mysterious references to "/dev/hdc"?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mitchell Weitz

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