Connecting to internet using Earthlink

Connecting to internet using Earthlink

Post by Rakesh Vidyadhara » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to connect to the internet through Earthlink?  I
have installed RedHat 5.1 on my system, and after configuring the modem
and network through control-panel, it seems to be trying to dial in to
Earthlink, but does not seem to be able to make the connection.  Any

Thanks in advance for all help

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1. Connecting to the internet through Earthlink

I have the Redhat 5.1 version installed, and I configured the modem and
PPP connection through control-panel.  When I tried to activate the
connection, I heard the modem trying to make the connection, but did not
seem to be able to make the connection to Earthlink.  Maybe Earthlink
uses some kind of security software, that prevents direct access to
their server.  Does anyone use Earthlink to connect to the net from
Linux?  If you have could you please send me details as to what I
should/can do to get connection.


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