Linux /w Stealth64 Video 3200 ??

Linux /w Stealth64 Video 3200 ??

Post by Robert Flemmi » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm currently in the process of installing Slackware 3.0 and have heard
of nothing but trouble attempting to run X-windows while using a Diamond
Card.  I currently have a Diamond Stealth 64 Video 3200 PCI video card
with 2MB VRAM and would like to know if there are "specific" drivers for
this card or what other S3 driver I should attempt to use in place of a
proper one.  I thought that at one time Diamond Provided Linux drivers but
now I can't seem to find any.  Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

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1. ?Xserver for Stealth64 Video 3200 video card?

The question is what X server should I use for
Diamond Multimedia Stealth64 Video 3200 video card???

Thank you in advance.
I have problem with my Diamond Multimedia
Stealth64 Video 3200 video card with fixed 2MB VRAM.

Its manual says:
It uses 64-bit graphics accelerator chip.
It is *backwards* compatible with most programs that
ran with a S3 928 based VGA card.

So I use /usr/X11/bin/XF86_S3 as my X server.
It turns out the pointer will point half character
right of the actual position no matter what VideoMode
I use.

I tried XF86_Mono and XF86_VGA16 servers, they work fine.
But they can not take advantage of my 2M VRAM.
The XF86_SVGA server can only see 64k RAM, so it doesn't work.

So what X server should I use?


  One of the following servers is required(from Howto document):

        Server for 8514-based boards.

        Server for AGX-based boards.

        Server for Mach32-based boards.

        Server for Mach8-based boards.

        Server for monochrome video modes.

        Server for P9000-based boards.

        Server for S3-based boards.

        Server for Super VGA-based boards.

        Server for VGA/EGA-based boards.

        Server for ET4000/W32-based boards.

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