I need help .... with PPP

I need help .... with PPP

Post by sm.. » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I need help please with my linux system. My linux system support ppp and
I am running on an ne2000 card on a local area network .. (just 2
computers). I can see my machine just fine on the network, can ftp and
telnet to it. I have version 1.2, without the ppp package . I download
the ppp-2-21-d.tar.gz. Placed it in usr/src. The instruction said that I
have to use the make command to install. I type make, I receive an error
bash command not found or something like that. I tried to install the
gcc package after that, and I still can't get the make to work.

I need help please anybody who knows how to get out of this situation,
please send me an e-mail at

I will really appreciate it.


1. Win95 PPP client script help needed --> SCO-5 dynamic inbound PPP

I'm trying to increase usage of Win95 clients (laptops) to connect to
our SCO-5 Enterprise. (Current with Dec CD). I'm successfull connecting
if I log in manually or 'step through' the script on the Win95 side.
As soon as I remove the step through option, login fails.

Does anyone have a login script for the Win95 side that they'd offer to
share? or does anyone have ideas, pointers to help me to improve the
method of connection.

Once connected (semi-manually), all is well.

Thanks in advance -- Heinz

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