Linux & Olivetti

Linux & Olivetti

Post by Gianni Marchet » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

I've run into serious troubles trying to install Linux on an Olivetti Suprema
M6-620. The hard disk controller isn't properly recognised. By using the hardware
diagnostic programs that came with the machine, I was able to determine it's an
embedded EISA-bus Adaptec 274x/284x AIC7770, mapped to port n.0xEC00, irq 11, so
I prepared the appropriate boot disk. Alas, this didn't work.
I typed the following parameters:
ramdisk aha274x=0xEC00,11
but to no result.

Can anyone help me?



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Has anyone experiences installing and running Linux on an Olivetti Echos
notebook? Are there any problems? Does it work? Graphics? APM?

Any comment appreciated, thanx,


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