gimptool missing from RedHat 6.0

gimptool missing from RedHat 6.0

Post by Jim La » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

i've just installed Red Hat 6.0. it includes GIMP 1.0.4
the problem is that it doesn't seem to have installed
the shell script GIMPTOOL which is needed to install plug-ins and the
like. i looked through the object RPM files on the cdrom and it
doesn't seem to be in any of the packages. i loaded the SRPM source
file and there is a template version there but i don't want to have to
rebuild the whole of GIMP from source just to get GIMPTOOL. is there
not an easier way to do this?
Jim Lane


1. StarOffice 5.1, missing "soffice", redhat 6.0

I ran the install for StarOffice 5.1 with no problems.
Everything chugs along and finished without complaint.
Now, there is no "Office51/bin/soffice" file. Really.
In fact, the only executable in the bin directory is
"setup.bin" which is not very interesting.
Where on earth is this file ?

find office_path -name 'soffice' convinces me it is really not
there !

Absolutely everything else seems to be in place.
There are lots of happily populated directories like bin, cde,
config and so on.
This happened with RedHat 6.0.
I did not choose any particularly strange options during
installation, except for not asking for kde or other special
I would be grateful for any suggestions.
This posting is not merely my opinion.  It is the official position
of my employer, the Australian National University.
Andrew Torda, Research School of Chemistry, ANU, ACT 0200, Australia

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