NCR53C8XX problem with kernel 2.2.3 setup

1. kernel for sx164 and ncr53c8xx

I haven't had any luck compiling a kernel for an Alpha sx164 with the
Intraserver scsi-3 pci controller (ncr53c875).  The kernel compiles fine but
when I go to boot off of the kernel it does not seem to load the ncr53c8xx
driver and finds 0 scsi hosts. Then, without a root fs to boot off of the
kernel panics and that is the end of that.  The kernel that came with RH-5.0
works great.  The only problem being that its 2.0.30 and doesn't support my
network card. has anyone been able to get a kernel to compile and work on
these machines?  I've tried about 7 or 8 combinations of fresh kernel
sources and alpha patches and patching up old kernels etc.


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