Yet Another RedHat 4.0 CD Identification Problem

Yet Another RedHat 4.0 CD Identification Problem

Post by John M. Mil » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hello --
I purchased the RedHat 4.0 distribution (from RH, with manual), and
have not been successful with my installation.  My CD is the [in]famous
Phillips/LMS cm206 with the cm260 controller.  I have applied the patch
for 1.2.13, and the CD has always worked fine for me.  I am unable to
instruct the RedHat installation tool where to find my CD drive.

My controller is patched to IO base port 0x300, irq 10.  I haven't found
the magic format to enter this information into the RedHat screen which
starts:  'IO port, IRQ: cm206=  '  and has a second line for "miscellaneous
options" -- Can anyone suggest the correct way to instruct RH's installation
kernel where to find my CD?

I looked in the /usr/include/linux directory on the CD and noticed the
parameters in the *.h file were port 0x340, irq 11.  I jumpered my adapter
with those values, but it still failed both autodetection and my attempts
to manually enter the parameters.

Could I compile a version of 2.0.18 on my old a.out setup with gcc 2.6.3 and
expect it would work if I replace the 'vmlinuz' now on RH's boot.img with
my new kernel?  Is this a reasonable approach?

TIA --


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1. Redhat 4.0 archives out yet?

So's 1 day away from one month since I've ordered
the Redhat 4.0 archives.  To this point, I'm basically
resigned to the fact that it's been indefinitely delayed.

But I've heard here and there that people have actually
received their copies.  If that's the case, where's my
"overnight" copy?

Actually, I just checked Redhat's web site.  Redhat 4.0 CD
itself is out of stock, but they recommend the archives set...
so I can only assume this it IS out?  Again, where is my

Or has Redhat been able to do what it claimed it can't:
cancel my order?  Or have they just er..."lost" my order?
Or is Redhat selling so successfully that they don't care
if "something" happens here and there.  

Why am I posting instead of calling RedHat?  I've tried
calling earlier on with this ordeal...and I've found that
their newsgroup people seem to give more "honest" answers
about the again, I'd like to know what
the status of the Archives CDs is..



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