Problem with RedHat 7.1 & 7.2 X setup on Dell Inspiron 8000+Geforce2 Go+ 1600x1200

Problem with RedHat 7.1 & 7.2 X setup on Dell Inspiron 8000+Geforce2 Go+ 1600x1200

Post by Sebasti » Sat, 27 Oct 2001 01:31:48

I installed RedHat 7.1 on my:
Dell Inspiron 8000
15" UXGA 1600x1200
32MB GeForce2 Go
512MB Memory
10/100Mbit Intel internal NIC

That RH7.1 dist. doesn't have built in support for my laptop so I
manage to fix it(Not so good at linux..)
BUT, RedHat 7.2 DOES have built in support for both the Nvidia GeForce
2go video adapter AND the Dell 1600x Laptop LCD monitor.
BUT it does'nt work anyway, X windows starts but it's all striped and
messed up so nothing is readable.
Conclution: Somthing is not working in that dist.
I've tried to configure X myself but gets the same mess all the time.
PLEASE: If anyone have a working XF84Config-4 file the works with:
Nvidia GeForce2 Go and 1600x1200 16Bit color or above please post it
or email it to me. ( I don't want other resolutions except maybe

PLease help.  
Thanx in advance // Sebastian


1. Redhat 7.2 on Dell Inspiron 8000 w/GeForce2 Go

Well I installed Redhat 7.2 on my Inspiron 8000 this morning and was really
happy to find that it found my GeForce2 Go card but it quickly turned to
frustration when I couldn't get it to work.  I only got as far as getting a
lot of red bars upon executing the "startx" command.  Another thing I found
out is that even though the Display section of X86Free has a listing for my
1600X1200 LCD it always errored out before ever getting near a X window
interface, the one that got me to where I am is choosing the 1600X1200
Generic LCD Display rather than the one listed under the Nvidia section.  I
also tried adding:

alias char-major-195 NVdriver
options NVdriver NVreg_Mobile=1

to my modules.conf file(worked in Suse 7.2 via the Linux on Laptops
website).  I also tried commenting out a couple of the Load modules in
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4(following the instructions on the Nvida Website).
Anyways I'm tired of trying to get it to work on my own, any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.


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